Who We Are

Our Firm

Wilson Group Law PLC is a litigation and transactional law firm which primarily concentrates its practice in commercial and insurance coverage matters. The firm represents clients nationally, and includes among the clients it serves: manufacturers, chemical companies, commercial property management companies, municipal entities, self-insured pooling arrangements, higher education organizations, corporations involved in designing, formulating and manufacturing products; construction; computer software; marketing; and in the financial, legal and insurance service industries. Wilson Young Costello strives to find creative solutions to the complex issues presented by its clients; first, through analysis coupled with its broad experience in negotiation and dispute- resolution, and then, as appropriate, through litigation structured to timely and economically resolve the dispute.

Firm Philosophy

Wilson Group Law PLC is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation to its clients. In pursuing this commitment, Wilson Group Law utilizes a cost efficient approach geared toward achieving the goals sought by its clients, as quickly and economically as possible. Wilson Group Law works to learn the business of its clients, and to use that knowledge to achieve the best long-term solution of its client’s legal needs. By always putting the interests of its clients first, Wilson Group Law is clear in its focus and on the needs and goals of its clients. Wilson Group Law works hand-in-hand with its clients to:

  • set the goals to be achieved;
  • develop a strategy for reaching those goals;
  • keep the client constantly informed of the development and progress of each matter; and
  • continually review and assess the development of each matter to ensure that the goals of its clients are achieved.

By partnering with its clients to identify and pursue the goals sought, Wilson Group Law brings a thoughtful, efficient, flexible and experienced approach to the resolution of each matter, while helping its client’s plan for the future.

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